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Knowing you, knowing me [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12 Dec 2010|09:06pm]
Is it really the time to bring back LJ full force? Olympia, WA is way too cold for me right now. And my house smells like the Hickey Underworld but somehow worse. Mud everywhere and I picked up beer cans for one whole hour and did not get even close to finishing the clean up process. I am being too OOC right now, but this no shame campaign is too fun. Got my red lipstick on for the night. COLLEGE LIFE. It's almost too ridiculous. I told my parents about my new name, Coco Chang, today and they were not down. Suuuuucks.

[20 May 2010|02:15am]
If I wake up at 6:30, I can take the 7:30 bus and turn in my last paper for the quarter. After this, it's all projects and I'm really excited to make make make. College is a weird place. Also, I booked my flight home tonight. All I know is I'm going to branch it up and get pampered by parents before fall quarter comes and takes all my money and no fun begins again. The thing is that even when I'm not having fun because of school work, it's super enjoyable. I'm looking into the uberman sleeping pattern for the summer, because the name of that thing is so convincing. I want to be invincible!

[18 Nov 2009|01:34am]
I am so in love with groovy boys/bands/etc. from the northwest.
3 stone foxes!

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